"Honest expression, entertainment & encouragement"


My name is Josh and I am the Honest Preacher. I have been married to my best friend, Valerie for nearly a decade and we have one really cool little boy. I work for a large hospice company as a chaplain from which I find great fulfillment in ministering to dying patients and their families. On the weekends, you can find me preaching at the church that calls me, “pastor” up in the northeast corner of the great state of Mississippi. I have a slew of interests (mainly cars),  but my greatest passion is probably preaching and communicating the gospel in whatever way I can. I love to be honest about my life’s expreiences (hence the name) and strive to be an open book to all those around me. 

I was a, “church brat” for many years and was really good at “playing the game” as I call it, so sometimes you’ll see me refer to myself as a, “recovering hypocrite” for obvious reasons. 

In short, this page exists because… well, I wanna write stuff?! Seriously, I appreciate you stopping by here. Feel free to share if you like what you see! 

Grace and Peace,

The Honest Preacher.