Recovering Hypocrite here


What’s up, you guys!  I’m Josh (surprise surprise). Here’s a bit about me.

I’m a married man (somebody actually gave me a chance!) and I am privileged to have wed my best friend (aww) Valerie thirteeeen years ago, and we have two precious little ones.

For work, I’m sort of a pastor

I provide spiritual support for people who are on their final stretch in the journey of life. I have worked in hospice for 6+ years and find great fulfillment in the this. I have been a pastor in several church capacities too, but no ministry joy comes close to what I experience doing what I do here every single day.

I’m a man of many interests (I have like a thousand), but if I had to pick one that I enjoy the most, it really is a no-brainer. It’s cars. By the way, I just started up a brand-spankin’ new YouTube channel for this – check it out here and lemme’ know what you think? If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing!

My my greatest passion however, is communicating the soul-saving gospel of Jesus Christ in any way possible. I am to the point in my life now (mid-thirties) where I genuinely enjoy getting really honest about my life’s experiences (good, bad, and ugly), and I’d like to be an open book to all those who come into contact with me, especially regarding Christ’s change in my life.

I was a church brat for many years and was really good at playing the game, as I call it, so sometimes you’ll see me refer to myself as a recovering hypocrite for that reason. YouTube channel for that too here.

In short, this page exists because… well, I like writing stuff every once in a while! Seriously though, I appreciate you stopping by here. Hang out and chill for a little while. Be sure to drop me a line too if you get a chance – email me at in

Grace and Peace,


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