I bought my first maul the other day.

No, not that Maul, this maul…

It’s a specific type of axe used for splitting wood. Also, I recently learned that in the Carolinas where I live, it’s sometimes called a, “go-devil.” Ok, well, anyway.

I’m kind of excited, but also kind of ashamed it took this long.

The last few years, I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up on all the things boys and men should learn – building, fixing, destroying, tending, fire, etc.

Having made more trips to Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, and Harbor Freight in the last 5 years than in the previous 32 combined, the amount of money I’ve spent in those stores teeters somewhere between embarrassing and just plain stupid.

And speaking of stupid, yeah… I have felt that many times over the last few years. Whether I was wasting material (because I didn’t estimate or measure properly), YouTubing 47 “how-to” videos, biting off more than I could chew, or having to ask for help with something that turned out to be idiotically simple. I have felt so dumb, and have been humbled so many times.

But I am learning, and I am growing – in knowledge, and in experience. I for one am SO happy we’re finally getting there.

Reason being is because I’m starting to feel more capable and confident as a human person; it bolsters my masculine soul too. It also allows me to relate to more people in life and ministry I would have never otherwise been able to relate to.

Additionally, and perhaps as a primary benefit, I now feel I will be able to teach my son at a young age some of these tough and dangerous things it took his father years of bumbling around before he finally got to.

That makes me feel more confident in his future too because I’m thinking that being a smart, strong, dangerous, godly man who is capable of working with his hands and providing for himself will be awfully attractive to a future mate.

But I guess, I digress.

If I were to preach a bit (and I am a pastor so, there’s that), my sermon title would be something like this:

“Don’t be boring.”

Ok, that’s terrible. I’ve never been very proficient at titling anyway.

Seriously though, try something never tried before. Experience the world. Take a risk. Dare to be dangerous. Build something. Cook something. Travel somewhere. Explore the woods. Be spontaneous. Try to pick up playing a musical instrument. Be willing to waste a little if it could gain you some experience. Change is difficult and awkward, and you’re going to feel like an idiot sometimes (maybe a lot), but it’s necessary for growth and transformation in a full life.

To quote Master Frodo, “Let’s go on an adventure!”

P.S. I wrote an amazing song that I’ll put in about my first experience chopping wood with aforementioned maul. Goes like this…

I bought a maul…

I split some wood…

I thought a sec…

I chopped my foot.

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here til next Thursday!