Today, many across the US received the much-hyped stimulus relief money directly to their bank accounts. The question is, will it make a difference? We’ve seen the funny memes about the $600 amount ever since the talk started.

Some will pay bills with it, others will spend it faster that you can say #stimuluschecks, and a few will choose to save the funds for a rainy day. Whatever the amount is depending on your family size, it is likely in a few weeks, months, or even days… gone, it will be (read that part in Yoda, but if you don’t, ‘force’ you, I will not). And when that time comes, Americans will be looking like kids with the Christmas blues wanting just one more present.

One of the most beloved Bible passages closes its first verse with, “… I shall not want.” The chapter then goes on talking about peace, security, righteousness, courage, etc. These are good things we all desire. However, we often lay claim to these while in the real world, we don’t possess them, and we know it. This is because the whole passage is interconnected, and all of those good things actually hinge on the very first phrase, “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

If I am following His way, my spirit will be at peace. If am doing life the way I want, it will not. God will not settle in simply being a deity to whom we pray. He must be the Way in which we live and breathe. He must be the master and the boss. We must grant Him veto power over our life decisions via Scripture and Spirit. He must be able to dictate our path, no matter how crazy it may seem to us. If I follow Him into unknown pastures, I will have what I need to live. If I heed His conviction against sin in my life and repent, my soul will be restored. If I stay close to Him in the valley of the shadow (even of death), I won’t have to fear, because I’ll know I’m not alone.

These stimulus checks are all the rage these days, but whether yours is $600, $2,000, or somehow you got shafted and you’re upset about it – is really of little consequence, because at best, this money is temporary relief… a band-aid of sorts. You will “want” no matter what, until you allow Him to lead you in your daily life.