Hey Christian, just a reminder… hysteria is not for you.

Hoarding items is not for you.

Freaking out is not for you.

Precautions are fine (good even).

But this spirit of fear is not for you.

You literally know where you’re going when you die. When you DIE. Think about that a sec. If that’s true for you, then what, really, do you have to fear? If you get sick, if I get sick, if the dog gets sick? If the whole family gets sick, who / what do you trust? Social media? The news networks? The family doctor? The CDC? The World Health Organization? The Surgeon General? Or perhaps maybe, God Almighty. He is the One that gives and takes life. He is, after all, the possessor of the spirit.

Ecclesiastes 8 talks about the “misery” of man being the inability to determine / control his day of departure from the physical realm to the afterlife – the Scripture continues, “no man” has the “power over the spirit to retain the spirit” and truly, “there is no discharge in that war” in other words, we’re all gonna’ die(!) – seriously though, it might be later, but it might not. Heck, it might be today. But then again, it might not. I’ve always loved how Solomon finished out the chapter here (in vs. 15)…

“Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun.”

Have a laugh today.

Cut up with your friends.

Eat a good lunch with your coworkers.

Maybe even have dinner with your family tonight, and pair it with a nice… water(?)…

You (and I) have no idea when our “time” will be, and we’ll drive ourselves crazy worrying about it’s possibility/probability/for-sureability and “how” it’s all gonna’ go down in the end. So, please, wash your hands man, but don’t forget to simply enjoy your life!

By the way, if you’re a Jesus follower and you’re still not sure – give this short video a watch… you’ll be glad ya’ did.