Twas the Day of Thanksgiving, Yes, that is the day

Most give their thanks, then eat straight away.

“I’m thankful for this, I’m thankful for that

Now, we feast, And then we get fat!”

But all is not well In the minds of a few,

Real joy is an illusion That some just can’t do.

No pastime, no possession, no property nor pleasure

Seems to bring happiness of any real measure.

No drink, no drug, no buzz nor high

Can ease the pain and perpetual sigh…

“What good is life? Why am I here?!”

People ponder as they peel the veneer.

The houses, the cars, the clothes and the hair

Proves not to last for those in despair.

Perhaps there’s something that you’ve not tried,

You heard it before, but then you decried,

“I considered God once” You eagerly exclaim,

“All they are fake who call on His name.

“They lie, they steal, they cheat and they lust…

Just like me, some of them cuss!

I even knew one, he called me his friend,

But just like that, our closeness did end…”

I understand your hesitation and also, your disgust,

For I too am one of those, and admit it, I must.

I lie, I cheat, I steal and I lust

For things in a world that will soon turn to dust.

I wish I could say that I am better than you,

But I simply cannot, for broken, I am too.

The only real difference between you and I,

Is that I am forgiven, I readily cry.

Yes, God loves me, but He loves you as much,

That He sent His Son to die for such

The dirty, the clean the happy, the sad,

The rich, the poor, the good and the bad.

We are all in the same boat, I hope you can see

We need a makeover, both you and me.

Not of apparel, or hair or dwelling or skin,

The change we need is a change from within.

So, on Thanksgiving Day, while we pray and we eat,

Let us find purpose from the One who did meet

His death on the tree, so ancient, so real;

Now may we thank God for our Thanksgiving meal.